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When it comes to finance management, a proactive approach isn’t just the first step to profit. It carries you and your business through to the finish line, and we specialize in keeping the pace.

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The Profit Engineers aren’t just your accounting staff; we’re your supporters and trusted outsourced CFO. More than that, we’re determined to elevate you and your finances.Together, we’ll create a financially elite business with a permanently profitable cash-flow.

Stronger together

The Profit Engineers are committed to working with you every step of the way. Our fifteen years of accounting experience, high-security cloud accounting software, and ever-growing technology support our mission to bring your financial health to the next level.

Specialized Services

Unreconciled to your reconciliations? Do your KPIs need a performance evaluation? Our application of Profit First is designed to target any weakness in your accounting and improve your cash flow. Each strategy and financial plan is tailored to your demonstrated need. 




We know that every success story begins at the starting line. The Profit Engineers has grown from a small bookkeeping operation in 2015 as a way for founder Teryl Gable to assist her friends and neighbors with their small business bookkeeping needs. In the years since, we have been growing and expanding our services and we are excited that, after considerable testing, our innovative technology stack and high-security cloud accounting software now allows us to serve our busy clients, no matter where their businesses, lifestyles or dreams may take them.

Through taking the initiative and investing in the future, the Profit Engineers has grown into a Profit First firm geared towards professionals who wish to elevate their finances.


Our mission is to present you with a fresh perspective. We are certified Profit First Professionals: obsessed with numbers and uniquely qualified to help you navigate your books and business to a lofty destination.

By using a variety of instruments, including current technology and techniques fine-tuned through years of education, practice, and process application, we will supply you with all of the tools and financial assurance you need.


Honesty, consistency, and direct communication are the cornerstone of our values, and once we make a commitment, we will move mountains to keep our promises. Furthermore, we are continually pushing for improvement. By educating ourselves on the latest trends and technologies, we constantly look for ways to improve our services. This improvement isn’t just limited to accounting. We understand the importance of balancing work with other aspects of life, and continually strive to make maintaining that balance easier for our clients, our employees, and ourselves.



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Meet The Profit Engineers


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Thanks to our high-security cloud accounting software and ever-growing technology stack, we are able to serve our clients anywhere in the United States. No matter where you roam, your key financial information remains at your fingertips. Thanks to innovative conferencing and cloud accounting software with bank level security, you can meet with your financial advisor wherever you are, staying on top of your business, whether you’re at work or relaxing on the beach.

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